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First Blood: Tremere (Español)


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Tiempo de juego (Minutos)120+
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Edad minima (Años)16+


Clan Tremere are vampiric warlocks, masters of rituals of Blood Sorcery. Their powers make them arrogant and deadly, and they always lust for more occult lore.

This deck hits with a “bruise and bleed” tactic, trying to scare off blocking attempts with superior combat skills. It has a strong defensive module based on the Auspex discipline.

Contents are detailed below. The number before each card is the number of copies of that card in the deck.

Crypt: (6 cards)

1 Aidan Lyle 1 Claus Wegener 1 Muhsin Samir 1 Rutor 1 Troius 1 Zane

Library: (49 cards)

1 Academic Hunting Ground 1 Arcane Library 2 Blood Doll 1 Chantry 1 Vast Wealth 2 .44 Magnum 1 Charnas the Imp 6 Govern the Unaligned 1 Ivory Bow 1 Sport Bike 1 Thadius Zho 4 Bonding (NEW ART) 4 Apportation 6 Theft of Vitae 1 Walk of Flame 2 Enhanced Senses 3 Forced Awakening 3 On the Qui Vive 2 Precognition 2 Spirit’s Touch 4 Telepathic Misdirection 1 rules reference card