Test Of Honour

Chöbei's Renegades


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Hero to the common man, Banzuiin Chōbei leads a ragtag band of renegades against all those who intimidate and steal from the weak.

Chōbei is historical character, remembered as a Robin Hood-type figure who protected the oppressed common-folk from the uncaring samurai and other threats.

Chōbei's rag-tag band is represented with mixed-weapon groups, bringing you some interesting new tactical choices.

The set includes 10 metal heads and 18 brand new cards including 'Lead from the Front' and 'Ultimate Sacrifice', which boost the prowess of your commoners.

Chōbei was eventually cornered by his enemies while visiting a bath house. A great swordsman with amazing stamina, he defeated every attacker and was only killed when they set fire to the building.


  • 18x Unique Cards - Including 'Lead From the Front' and 'Ultimate Sacrifice'
  • 11x Metal Renegades Miniatures
  • 10x Metal Heads

Please note: Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required

Tiempo de juego (Minutos)60+
Jugadores Min.2 Jugadores
Jugadores Max.2 Jugadores
Edad minima (Años)12+
MaterialMetal y Plastico