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Carnidon & Spikodon


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Monsterpocalypse Terrasaur Units (metal/resin) 

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  • Carnidon (4)
  • Spikodon (1)

Though dwarfed by greater monsters like Terra Khan, carnidons are among the greatest apex predators on the planet, capable of hunting in packs and possessing claws and fangs that can easily rend metal and concrete.

While other Terrasaurs close on prey to attack them directly, the cagey spikodon destroys from a distance, launching armor-piercing bony projectiles from its tail with surpassing accuracy.

This blister contains Terrasaur units to expand your Protectors force. Carnidons are the frontline melee unit for the faction, able to destroy enemy units and team up to threaten monsters. Spikodons are ranged attacker whose bursts of spikes are capable of destroying multiple units in one shot.


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