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Steampunk Yellow & black Dice Set (7)


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Steampunk Yellow & Black Dice Set

Steampunk is something more than cogs, wheels or the dames and gentlemen in fancy clothes. It’s a whole another dimension of fandom, things, people, the entire aesthetics. Steampunk is like the dreams of Jules Verne come true and in style of the most sophisticated Victorian paragons. We in Q WORKSHOP value style, so we must design steampunk sets of dice in many wonderful colors. We have in mind the dice that shout: Full steam ahead! Bring me that horizon! These are sets for heroes in brass and copper wonders of retro-futuristic technology, that never was, but it should have been. To comply with these requirements, our dice are from best material and deeply engraved with festoons of cogs and clock mechanisms. We put our hearts in this project because the spirit of probably long dead romanticism is one of the ghosts that we will resurrect in his former glory, full of passion and joie de vivre. This spirit will be not trapped inside dice, but combined with secret ingredients, that we mix up in our casting vats. I can reveal to you, that we use the ground parts of one mad scientist’s machinery, that we bought at an auction in London.

Thousand and one dice from parts of the machine

OK, I reveal to you another secret: These dice are made from parts of a madscientist machinery that was supposed to influence the fate of those who use it. Unfortunately for the scientist, the matter of the machine warped in the process, leaving behind only many parts and cogs that act like lucky charms. That's what we have ground and inserted in our vats. The power of this machine is still imbued within the dice, ensuring the paint doesn't wear off and altering the fate of their users. 
Yellow & Black – in the Victorian world sun never sets in the United Empire of our dear queen. These are dice to commemorate this colonial dream come true. And one piece of advice from a seasoned steampunk journeyman: Remember, that yellow sun always is the best guide. Wherever your hero is in the foreign land, he or she should look for the sun and they will be no longer lost.