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[PREORDER] Legendary Stories
  • [PREORDER] Legendary Stories
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[PREORDER] Legendary Stories

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[PREORDER] Legendary Stories

[PREORDER] Legendary Stories

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Malifaux, a twisted mirror of an alternate Earth in the 1900s; a world of gothic horror, Victorian structures, steampunk constructs, and wild west gunslingers. Rife with undead amalgamations, monstrous vengeful apparitions, and other creatures that bump in the night, these near-lawless lands are still worth treading for some, as the Soulstones deep within the cavernous catacombs are worth more than the sweat and blood it takes to obtain them.

Malifaux Third Edition is a story-driven skirmish game where two players fight one of the endless skirmishes for control over the towns, settlements, and places of power in this dangerous new world. In Malifaux, the events from its extensive lore are directly carried into the characters' mechanics. With a streamlined hiring system, straight forward and updated rules that don't get in the way of the fun, and enough strategic depth to keep those mental gears turning for years to come, it's never been a better time to dive in.

Hate not the wickedness, but weakness, for it is not the corruption of power that threatens, but the corruption of the weak. Power may corrupt a few, but weakness will corrupt the many. Wicked as they may be to some, The Ten Thunders are anything but weak, having brought a crumbling slum to a thriving district by way of mind more so than muscle. With eyes and ears in every organisation this side of the breach, The Ten Thunders seek absolute control over Malifaux and will wait patiently like the mantis hunting the hummingbird, for their time to strike.

The Seashells by the Swampshore set contains;

  • 1x Story of Thanh Giong
  • 1x Story of Raijin
  • 1x Story of Sun Wukong

Please Note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.
  • Printed materials are supplied in English.
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[PREORDER] Legendary Stories

[PREORDER] Legendary Stories

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