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Cyberpunk: Deep Space
  • Cyberpunk: Deep Space

Cyberpunk: Deep Space

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The Earth turns silently below, a ball of seething humanity, trapped in an ever-more polluted environment. Meanwhile, desperate Edgerunners battle greedy Corps for what "good" living is left. Mankind has only one place left to go ... up ... and out.

Out to a place of absolute cold and perfect clarity, where immense cylinder worlds spin in the sky; needle-like deltas speed on intercept courses, and spiderty orbital vehicles surround the titanic white lattices of the Far Planetary explorers.Humanity is reaching -- for Deep Space.

Enter the Future of CYBERPUNK with Deep Space, the continuation of the Near Orbit saga. The timeline has been extended to 2025 as the first generation of Highriders struggle for freedom from groundstar control. Lunar colonies are the norm, and the skies are crowded with corporations jockeying for position on this new economic frontier. At the same time, government and private enterprise take their first steps on Mars and into the Belt, in search of knowledge and resources. And what will new missions find inside the Gas Giants?

Deep Space expands Near Orbit's vehicle / equipment lists and contains maps of the Tycho / Copernicus Lunar colonies along with Mars' Chryse Base. As a bonus, we include the adventure Red Conflict -- unrest among the scientific stations of Mars!

Let your CYBERPUNK 2020 campaign break the shackels of Earth, and reach for the unknown with ...Deep Space

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Cyberpunk: Deep Space

Cyberpunk: Deep Space

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