Cook's Guild

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[PRE-VENTA] The Cook's Guild: Hell's Kitchen + Retail Alt. Sculpt


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Miniatura Alternativa Guild Captain Wellington in pre-colored resin, incluida

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Ficha técnica

Tiempo de juego (Minutos)90+
Jugadores Min.2 Jugadores
Jugadores Max.2 Jugadores
Edad minima (Años)14+



  • Wellington (Captain)
  • Pepper (Mascot)
  • Cinammon
  • Roast
  • Sugar
  • Spice
  • Roast Ham (Ball)
  • Stewing Pot (Goal Token)
  • Prep Table (3D Terrain Piece)
  • All Tokens Required
  • Health Dials

The Minor Guilds are an exciting expansion to the game of Guild Ball. In their constant arms race to have all the best players, each of the existing Guilds has allied themselves with a Minor Guild to bolster their chances of victory. Each Minor Guild plays as a standalone team, each has a Captain, a Mascot, and four other players. There is also a capacity for the Major and Minor Guilds to loan players to each other.

The Cooks are the fourth of the Minor Guilds to reveal themselves, after the Ratcatchers (SFGBRAT-001)Falconers (SFGBFAL-001), and Navigators (SFGBNAV-001). Allied with the vicious Butcher's Guild, the Cook's ability to whip up a buffet of blood puts these two Guilds in perfect synchronisation.